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StimPlan™ Software Integrated 3D Fracture Design and Analysis

StimPlan™ is a complete software solution for hydraulic frac-ture design, analysis and optimization. With a comprehensive integrated toolkit and the industry’s most rigorous geometry models, StimPlan™ helps operators worldwide maximize their well performance while lowering expenditure and reducing their environmental footprint, however complex their reservoir or fracture treatment design.

Maximize Well Performance

Post-frac benchmarking studies show that rigorous hydrau-lic stimulation design and treatment optimization helps both reduce operational problems and significantly improve well performance.

Lowering Well Costs

Through optimizing the hydraulic fracture treatment StimPlan™ is also helping operators not only increase production but also drive down well costs through savings in proppant, pumping, water disposal, and reduced number of stages/well through optimized fracture spacing.

Shale Gas Reservoirs

Horizontal wells and hydraulic fracturing Natural Fracture Pressurehave proven to be the most effective tech-nologies for economic development of these uniquely challenging resources. StimPlan™ supports the modeling of single or multiple hydraulic fractures within horizontal wells, including calculations for the effects of fractures joining or interfering.

Easy Data Handling and Analysis

StimPlan™ incorporates easy tools for importing, manipulation and analysis of all the log,Card image pressure and rate data required for fracture design. Comprehensive databases for fluid and proppantdata are also available. Card image

Pre and post frac analysis tools include well test analysis, minifrac analysis, step down test analysis and production decline analysis.

Rigorous Geometry Modeling

A range of fracture geometry simulation options are available within StimPlan™, from quick-look pseudo 3D methods to fully 3D gridded methods for more complex problems.

Water Face Simulation In A Layered Tight Gas Formation The advanced fully 3D finite element simulation ensures that fracture geometry is rigorously modeled, giving more accurate geometry estimates, particularly in complex multi layered formations. StimPlan’s fully 3D modeling is particularly valuable for cuttings and waste injection analysis where large volumes can create dangerous height growth.

Acid Fracturing in Carbonate ReservoirsTypical Reservoir Simulation Results

StimPlan’s acid fractur-ing model includes acid propagation, diffusion, etching and wormholing into limestone and dolomite formations.

Integrated Reservoir Simulation

Pre and post frac pro-duction can be modeled and history matched using StimPlan’s integrated single phase, 3D numerical reservoir simulator to get a more accurate prediction of well performance gains.

Analytical type curve and Folds of Increase (FOI) production models are also available for post-frac production analysis and history matching.

Accurate Proppant Placement

A unique multi-phase fluid-flow proppant transport solution is used by StimPlan™ to ensuring more accurate modeling of prop-pant placement. This in turn results in better treatment sched-ules and less operational surprises.

Automated Treatment Schedules

Automated pump schedules are calculated by StimPlan™ as part of the design process, resulting in a reduction in the time required to generate and select an effective treatment schedule.

Economics and Fracture Optimization

StimPlan’s fracture optimization module integrates fracture geometry modeling , reservoir simulation and economics to provide detailed production and economic evaluation. This helps maximize well performance and profi tability from a planned treatment.

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NSI Technologies is a global leader in software, training and engineering solutions for the design and analysis of well stim-ulation programs. Founded in 1984, NSI has played a leading role in the development of modern hydraulic fracturing design technology. Through the application of its innovative solutions, NSI TechnologiesNSI helps operators worldwide maximize their well performance while lowering expenditure and reducing their environmental footprint.

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