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Hydraulic Fracturing

Michael B. Smith and Carl T. Montgomery

Hydraulic Fracturing effectively busts the myths associated with hydraulic fracturing. It explains how to properly engineer and optimize a hydraulically fractured well by selecting the right materials, evaluating the economic benefits of the project, and ensuring the safety and success of the people, environment, and equipment. From data estimation to design, operation, and performance management, the text presents a logical, step-by-step process for hydraulic fracturing that aids in proper engineering decision making when stimulating a particular reservoir. Numerous problem sets reinforce the learning and aid in risk assessment. Additional material is available from the CRC Press website.*


  • Gives a brief history of hydraulic fracturing, an introduction to its use, and a summary of how a treatment is performed at the surface
  • Defines where the basic values used to build a simple fracture geometry model come from, what they mean, and what their impact is on the design
  • Describes how to build a rock stress log, and what design variables can and cannot be inferred from a well log
  • Explores fracturing pressure analysis and other fracture diagnostics
  • Discusses material selection including proppant types and fluids
  • Covers operations and quality control including pre-frac operations such as perforating for fracturing
  • Addresses acid fracturing, shale/horizontal well fracturing, frac packing, and waste disposal
Hydraulic Fracturing Text Book

“Hydraulic fracturing is becoming more and more prevalent in connection with the development of unconventional resources all over the world. Understanding the mechanisms associated with this type of completion method and [possessing] knowledge related to state-of-the-art, full 3D fracturing design modeling tools are mandatory for this industry. Unfortunately, the stimulation industry still relies on simplistic and plain wrong modeling and, hence, this book can make a difference. … It represents an update on fracturing technology.”

—Arthur Bale, Stat oil, Bergen, Norway

“This book definitely fills an important role of providing practical hydraulic fracturing field experience. The authors clearly explain the sometimes deviations from theoretical predictions. In addition, chapter 15 contains exceptional discussions on shale stimulations and horizontal completions.”

—Jean-Claude Roegiers, Professor Emeritus, University of Oklahoma

“…definitely a book that all young fracture engineers should have at their side. The book is very well laid out and can be used as a work flow for designing fracture treatments. Its practical writing style makes it easy to understand and comments within the text on potential problem areas are an invaluable source of knowledge.”

—Kirk Bartko, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabian Oil Company, Dhahran

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